Wash bag and shaving brush

My last update showed the designs progressing for the two new Ockham products: a wash bag and a shaving brush. 

After several iterations of prototyping and testing, the designs have been finalised and I'm now in the process of getting photos and video ready for Kickstarter.

Product overviews:

Ockham Shaving Brush

Machined aluminium, chrome plated the same as the razor. A black metal version will be available too.

Ockham Wash Bag

Grey cotton/hemp material, handmade in England. Washable and with a couple of internal pockets.

On Kickstarter

The plan is to run the second Ockham campaign on Kickstarter in October, and all being well the products will ship in time for Christmas.

If you want to see more progress towards the Kickstarter campaign, follow us on social media:

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