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A beautiful, simple razor

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The Ockham Razor is a minimalist, modern razor. This is how we believe a cartridge razor should look. Made in England. Blades available anywhere.

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The Ockham Razor is made with a one-piece handle, precision cast in England from solid metal.

The simple ergonomics, balanced weight and slightly longer length of the razor handle make it a joy to use.

The sophisticated lines of the design also make it much easier to keep clean - unlike most other razors, which have lots of separate bits of plastic and rubber that quickly get clogged up with soap and limescale.

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We have chosen to make our razor compatible with standard Gillette Mach 3 blades which you can buy all over the world.

These blades are very well-regarded and provide a tried-and-tested close, comfortable shave.

As well as metal razors, we also produce a 3D printed lightweight travel razor, a razor travel case and more products are coming soon...

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Thank you a lot for designing this beautiful piece of art, I love it.`
— George, Germany
... it is a work of art. You need to send it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York.
— Terry, USA
Simple and functional. Looks good and above all it works perfectly.
— David, UK
You have truly perfected the cartridge razor!
— Kevin, USA