The Ockham Toothbrush

The latest product from the Ockham Razor Company is now available for sale exclusively through the shop here on the Ockham website

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About the toothbrush

The Ockham toothbrush is made from natural bamboo. The simple round handle is great to hold and is engraved with the Ockham logo.

Perfect as an environmentally friendly everyday toothbrush, or if you use an electric toothbrush at home this could be a great option for travelling.

The packaging is all made from recyclable paper and card with no plastic.


Available in two bristle colour options so you can share a bathroom with someone and not get your toothbrushes mixed up.


The Ockham Razor Company has always been about function, simple form, and appropriate and honest materials.

Choosing bamboo for the toothbrush handle was an easy choice given the ridiculous amount of unbiodegradable material that ends up in landfill and the oceans because of ugly plastic toothbrushes.

We hope you enjoy your Ockham toothbrush.

Rob HallifaxComment