Meet William

I know what you're thinking. "Wow, William has such a smooth face - how does he keep himself looking so sharp?"

Or maybe you're thinking: "LEGO really need to sort the scale of their accessories out."

Those things aside, William is the proud owner of the world's smallest razor. And not any old razor - a special edition mini Ockham Razor.

William helps out at the Ockham Razor Company. He's a valuable member of the team because he can get really up close to the razors to check the finishes for quality. He's a joy to work with because he quite literally always has a smile on his face.

William likes to take pride in his appearance, but he thought that regular razors weren't cool. Despite the irony, which didn't escape him, he hated the plastic razors he could buy in his local shop. So he was delighted when the Ockham Razor came along.

William is elated with his mini Ockham Razor and his love of shaving has been revived, not least because shaving cream lasts him ages.

We've got less than a week to go now on Kickstarter. Over 400 wonderful backers have pledged for Ockham Razors and we're so very close to hitting our target.

If you haven't visited our Kickstarter page yet then please do have a look. Click below to check it out.

If you know all about the Ockham Razor on Kickstarter already, then please take a moment to spread the word and make sure we can turn our project into reality.

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Hopefully William is going to have a busy few months ahead of him...

Rob HallifaxComment