Moving over to Indiegogo

As you've probably seen, we are now taking pre-orders for the Ockham Razor on Indiegogo. We've also launched our new Travel Edition on there.

Why Indiegogo now?

Earlier in the year we raised our initial funding to make the first ever batch of Ockham Razors on Kickstarter. Since then we have been working hard to start making razors for all our lovely backers.

Now that we're confident of our manufacturing process we are able to open up pre-orders to anyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign. Once a Kickstarter campaign ends, there's no way to carry on taking orders, but on Indiegogo there is, and now they've opened up that option even to campaigns that were originally funded on other platforms.

When you visit our Indiegogo page it kind of looks like we've started all over again, and I had a couple of people congratulate us on raising another £25,000 in a few days.

That would of course have been lovely, but it's not the case. The number displayed is a cumulative total combining our initial Kickstarter campaign and our recent Indiegogo pre-orders.

I just wanted to clear that up because I know it confused me at first!

So if you want to make sure you get an Ockham Razor in time for Christmas, head on over to Indiegogo, and share it with your friends! And if you haven't seen the new Travel Edition yet, definitely go and have a look. Did I mention that it's the lightest reusable razor in the world?

Rob HallifaxComment