The Classic Ockham Razor

The Ockham Razor is made with a one-piece handle, precision cast in England from solid metal.

The simple ergonomics, balanced weight and slightly longer length of the razor handle make it a joy to use. The sophisticated lines of the design also make it much easier to keep clean - unlike most other razors, which have lots of separate bits of plastic and rubber that quickly get clogged up with soap and limescale.

We have chosen to make our razor compatible with standard Gillette Mach 3 blades. These blades are very well-regarded and provide a tried-and-tested close, comfortable shave.

Gillette Genuine Parts

The blades are widely available at supermarkets, pharmacies and drug stores so wherever you are you can get hold of new blades when you need them.

The Ockham Razor handle is made by us in England and we source the cartridge connector mechanism direct from Gillette, ensuring the best possible quality and a razor that will last.

Travel Edition Ockham Razor

The Travel Edition Ockham Razor is a brand new product. We have used 3D printing for prototyping throughout the project but now we are using it to create a finished product.

Although they don't have the heft of the real metal ones, 3D printed Ockham Razors still feel great to use and, unlike most lightweight razors, you can change the blades and not just throw the whole thing away!

This razor is 3D printed in nylon and weighs less than 10 grams and also floats, so it's perfect for your canoe trip down the Amazon or any time you want to travel light. Ideal for astronauts!

The Travel Edition razors are made in England.

Drawings for the original metal Ockham Razor

Drawings for the original metal Ockham Razor